Swami the Magazine: Veterans Week

Greetings and welcome to another edition of Swami the Magazine. This week we’ll be doing a couple of things different. For one, The Guru will not be with us. He’s in the happiest place on Earth. Before last week I think he thought writing for RTI was the happiest place on Earth because he was destroying The Swami this season, but a Sooner beatdown and a trip to Disney World and he’s no longer confused.

The second difference is that for one week all of the picks will be done against the spread. The Swami can’t seem to nail it the other way, so he’s seeing if this changes his luck (or reinforces his struggles).

As for the theme, this week we celebrated Veterans Day and that inspired the StM staff to find notable alumni from the predicted winning sides that served in or supported our various Armed Forces. It’s just a small way to extend the celebration of those who have served our country proudly.


Side Note: I find it asinine that Veterans that work in industries other than banking or government have to work on Veterans Day. I also think it should be a full holiday, but at the very least all Veterans should be given the day off no matter where they work. Make it happen Washington. 

Georgia Tech v. Clemson

Georgia Tech +3 1/2 –

  • Army – General John W. Hendrix – 4 Star General & Commander of the U.S. Army Forces Command
  • Navy – Admiral James O. Ellis – 4 Star Admiral & Commander of the U.S. Strategic Command
  • Air Force – General Philip M. Breedlove – 4-Star General & Vice Chief of Staff of the USAF
  • Marines – General William G. Thrash – 3-Star General & decorated Naval Aviator


Nebraska v. Wisconsin

Nebraska +6 1/2  –

  • Army – General John J. Pershing – General of the Armies of the U.S. Army & Led the American Expeditionary Force. Also won the 1932 Pulitzer Prize.
  • Navy – Lloyd M. Bucher – Commander of the U.S. Navy


Mississippi State v. Alabama

Mississippi State +7 – 

  • Army – Lt. General Troy H. Middleton – World War II Corps Commander
  • Navy – John C Stennis – Did not serve, but is known as the Father of America’s Modern Navy & is honored by having a supercarrier named after him (USS John C. Stennis)


FSU v. Miami

FSU -1 – 

  • Army – General Jay Garner – Army General & former director of the Office for Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance for Iraq
  • Navy – Admiral Paul David Miller – Admiral & Surface Warfare Officer in the U.S. Navy
  • Air Force – General John L. Piotrowski
  • Coast Guard – Rear Admiral Steven H. Ratti

Coast Guard

Auburn v. Georgia

Auburn +2 1/2 – 

  • Army – General Hugh Shelton – General & Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • Navy – Admiral Michael S. Rogers
  • Air Force – General Robert E. Bailey
  • Marines – General Holland Smith – General & Father of Modern U.S. Amphibious Warfare
  • Marines – Major General James E. Livingston – Medal of Honor recipient

Joint Chiefs

TCU v. Kansas

TCU -28 – 

  • Navy – Gordon R. England – Secretary of the Navy & Deputy Secretary of Defense


Ohio State v. Minnesota

Minnesota +12 – 

  • Army – Major General William P. Levine
  • Navy – John Hutson – Judge Advocate General
  • Air Force – General David W. Winn
  • National Guard – General Rodney R. Hannula

National Guard

LSU v. Arkansas

LSU +2 1/2

  • Army – General Charles Campbell – General and commander of the U.S. Army Forces Command
  • Air Force – Lt. General Arnold W. Braswell
  • Marines – General Robert H. Barrow – General and Commandant of the Marine Corps
  • Marines – General John A. Lejeune – Namesake of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

Air Force

Duke v. Virginia Tech

Duke -5 – 

  • Army – General Eric Shinseki – 4-star General & Chief of Staff of the Army
  • Navy – Admiral Frank Bowman – Admiral & Director of Naval Nuclear Propulsion
  • Air Force – General Gilmary M. Hostage III – 4-Star General & Commander of the Air Combat Command
  • Marines – General Walter E. Boomer – General & Desert Storm Commander
  • Air National Guard – Brigadier General Vergel L. Lattimore


Michigan State v. Maryland

Maryland +12 1/2 – 

  • Army – General Robert Nicholas Young
  • Army – Col. Leonard T. Schroeder Jr. – First soldier ashore on D-Day
  • Navy – Thomas R. Norris – Navy SEAL & Medal of Honor recipient
  • Air Force – General George B. Simler
  • Marines – General Joseph C. Burger



So there you have it. And finally, to all of those who have served, the StM staff just want to say Thank You for your service and sacrifice.

Sincerely… The Swami!


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