Swami the Magazine: May Championship Week Be With You

Greetings and welcome to another edition of Swami the Magazine. I’d like to start with a “Thank You” to the Guru for doing another fine job with the “Flip the Script” week last week. It’s always a good time when StM’s ENORMOUS fan base has the pleasure of reading another perspective. Frankly it’s also nice to see someone else miss on some games instead of just me!

Anyway, this week is Championship Week in most of the leagues around the country and that is big news. It’s almost as big as the release of the first trailer for Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens! So to that end, the staff here at StM have paired one of the seven Star Wars films with each matchup for this week.

But before we get to that… let’s revisit something from last week. Ladies and Gentlemen… what was the outcome of Clean Old Fashioned Hate?! That’s right, Georgia Tech 30, Georgia 24. Ahhhh… it feels good. I don’t know that my blood pressure can take any more of those, but it was nice to finally have one break the way of the good guys for the first time in a while.

Anyway, let’s go ahead and get to…

The Picks!

As an added bonus this week, the Swami has added the number of conference championships (in parentheses) he has found record of for each school that is picked in this column.

The Phantom Menace

Oklahoma (39 Big 6/8/12) v. Oklahoma State (3 Big 6/8/12, 7 Missouri Valley) – Bedlam returns without much fanfare this year. The very disappointing season for the Cowboys seems to be a good fit to be paired with Jar Jar Binks. Oklahoma 39-20

Attack of the Clones

The Mountain West Championship Game – Boise State (1 MWC, 8 WAC) v. Fresno State (2 MWC, 3 WAC) – Not the best matchup of the week, but if you watch it after Bedlam then it will at least be a little better.  Boise State 34-24

Revenge of the Sith

The SEC Championship Game – Alabama (28 SEC, 4 Southern Conference) v. Missouri (12 Big 6/8/12) – The Crimson Tide’s apperance seemed to be on shaky ground for almost three quarters last week, but they pulled away. It’s possible that Missouri could hang in this game or a bit, but by the end Darth Vader will once again emerge.. thirsty for domination. Alabama 33-17

A New Hope

The Pac 12 Championship Game – Arizona (1 Pac 10/12) v. Oregon (7 Pac 10/12) – The Wildcats are enjoying one of the better years they’ve had in recent memory across multiple sports and this appearance is just another feather in their cap. Unfortunately for them, a victory will not be in the cards. Oregon 38-24

Empire Strikes Back

Kansas State (3 Big 6/8/12) v. Baylor (6 SWC) – This could arguably be the best game of the weekend. There is a lot at stake and even though the league very well may end with co-champions, this one should have the feel of a title game. And when you are arguably the best… you are going to end up on the ice planet Hoth looking for a tauntaun to hide in. Or not.  K-State 41-38

Return of the Jedi

The Big Ten Championship Game – Wisconsin (15 Big 10) v. Ohio State (35 Big 10) – How would Return of the Jedi have come out if Christopher Walken had to take Harrison Ford’s place due to injury? Yeah, that’s kind of like this. Sure it might still be good, but it’s just not the same with the OSU QB situation. Wisconsin 24-21

The Force Awakens

The ACC Championship Game – Florida State (11 ACC) v. Georgia Tech (2 ACC, 5 SEC, 7 Southern Conference) – After some recent disappointments, there is a lot of hope for the Yellow Jackets that this could be a great year. Just like we hope that we may find something great in Episode VII after some recent… well, you know. Let’s do this Jackets!!! #TogetherWeSwarm  Georgia Tech 24-21


The Guru’s Take

It’s been a good season for the Guru, but apparently he missed that the Swami picked Rivalry Week to Flip the Script because of the likely chaos.  Not a bad showing by the Guru, but not great, either.  Going into Championship Week, though, the Guru will go back to the Big 12 for his final non-bowl/non-playoff pick.  The debate over TCU v. Baylor is at a fever pitch.  TCU is ranked #3 and currently in the playoff, Baylor is #6 and out despite beating TCU head-to-head.  TCU should crush Iowa State, but Baylor still has a chance to make a statement against KSU.  The Wildcats will be aching for revenge for 2012, when Baylor pasted them in Waco to end the undefeated season Kansas State had put together.  On this return trip, they’ll want to return the favor. However, so long as Bryce Petty doesn’t go down with another concussion, Baylor’s offense is just too prolific. In a shootout, Baylor makes its case for the playoff.  Bears 41, Wildcats 31


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