Swami the Magazine: The College Football Playoff Championship Preview

I am going to start this out with an immediate apology. The Bowl Preview issue was extremely rushed due to unforeseen issues with the staff and there were mistakes made. There was no time for the fans to pick against the Swami & Guru and the password was inadvertently withheld for the confidence picks pool. The Swami pledges to make sure that next year, you will not see a repeat. In order to help you get over it… Here’s Youngstown’s favorite son to make it all better. Bo

Now as for our Bowl picks… we’re not going to focus on our records (for REALLY good reasons), but we will focus on the fact that during the regular season the Guru smoked the Swami, but this postseason the Swami has emerged victorious!! (So that makes the Guru like the SEC West, right?!)

  • Straight up: The Swami has a 2 pick lead with only one game to play!
  • Confidence: The Swami is just over the 80th percentile in ESPN-dom while The Guru… well, let’s just say he’s the Florida State of this matchup.

But I’ve come here to praise The Guru, not to bury him…

Let’s get to the big question: Who is going to win the College Football Playoff Championship Game?! Well, the Swami and Guru have taken opposite sides of this matchup, so we’re letting each of them tell you why. Trophy

The Swami Says:

THE Ohio State University will come out on top. Here are the key reasons why they will win:

  1. Urban Meyer is the coach
  2. Their 3rd string QB is better than your 1st string QB
  3. Urban Meyer is THE coach
  4. They have already dispatched the 2nd & 3rd place finishers for the Heisman in their last two games. One more completes the set.
  6. Oregon is throwing away tradition by avoiding wearing Green OR Yellow. Bad call.
  8. Four Words: Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx


In fairness, if I’m wrong, these are possibly going to be the reasons:

  1. Betting against “Jesus, Girls, and Marcus Mariota” could be very detrimental
  2. Their 3rd string QB is better than your 1st string… UNLESS yours is Marcus Mariota
  3. Lance Stephenson is a Duck fan again this week… https://vine.co/v/Ow32eva2bhw
  4. Edna made it clear… NO CAPES! (She didn’t say much about wings…) NoCapes

The Guru Says:

The Ducks will soar. It’s good to know that the Swami is the Eli Manning in this picture (poor regular season, lucky postseason), while the Guru is Peyton Manning (no explanation needed). Seriously, though, the bowls have been rough, though having nearly 2/3 of FBS teams play in one or another doesn’t help.

With that said, the Guru believes the Ducks will fly high to the championship of the inaugural FBS College Football Playoff. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Even though the Swami already mentioned it, : JESUS, GIRLS, AND MARCUS MARIOTA!
  2. Their #1 QB is better than every other #1, #2, or #3 QB on any college football team—both this year, and possibly ever.
  3. Tradition has never won Oregon a national championship. Superior talent, speed, and MARCUS MARIOTA will.
  4. Ohio State is pretty good at forcing turnovers (-10). Oregon leads the nation in turnover differential (-20). Turnovers matter.
  5. As good as Ohio State’s #3 QB may be, this will be his 3rd start ever. Contrast that with the Ducks, who have HEISMAN TROPHY WINNER MARCUS MARIOTA.
  6. Ohio State won a hard-fought game against Alabama in the semifinals. Oregon destroyed and embarrassed the defending national champs (with a 29-game winning streak) in the semifinals.
  7. Even though Urban Meyer is a legend, Mark Helfrich has won 90% of his games (including bowls and playoff games) already in his first two years leading Oregon. In those two years, he has led the Ducks beyond what Chip Kelly or Mike Bellotti ever did. He is one of the top coaches in college football. If the Swami has to point to the head coach for half of his support for Ohio State, Ohio State is in trouble.
  9. BONUS: (This is an Editor’s addition in support of the Guru) The first NCAA Basketball Tournament took place in 1939 and the two teams in the championship… yep, you guessed it, Oregon and Ohio State. Oregon prevailed 46-33.

Reasons the Guru might be wrong:

  1. The injury to Ifo Ekpre-Olamu—the best cover corner in college football—won’t help.
  2. Yeah, that’s about it.
  3. Okay, maybe having a Nebraska guy coordinating your high-powered offense isn’t the best omen, either. Especially if he was such a good QB that he had to play defense in the NFL.
  4. Yeah, now that’s really all.
  5. Seriously, I really like the Ducks in this one.


There you have it. Two prognosticators, two opposing positions. Who do you align with? The guy with more rings and more postseason success (Remember: This game is being played in the postseason!) or the guy who was good all the way back in 2014?! You decide…

Until next time… The Swami!


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  1. Hmmm…Teams that choose all white over traditional colors (whatever a traditional color is to Oregon). Florida v Miami (2001 Sugar Bowl), loss. Cincinnati v Florida (Cincinnati in all whites), loss. The football gods are angered by Oregon’s all whites. tOSU for the win!

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