THE 2015 ChampiOnShip University


Note: If I had the ability to change the color of a headline, this would have been:

THE 2015 ChampiOnShip University

We have reached the end of another college football season, and the first of its kind. Let’s do a few quick hit points regarding predictions, statements, and things best left unsaid.

The Swami was right that:

  1. Urban Meyer was definitely the coach for Ohio State
  2. Oregon should not have worn Raider-colored uniforms
  3. Phil Knight did not put enough stick-um on the Ducks’ gloves
  4. SI’s cover jinx is alive and well
  5. OSU’s #3 QB really is better than your #1 QB. (Not smarter…but better)

The Guru was right that:

  1. The Postseason is when the Swami shines!

Jimmy Kimmel was wrong… the best sign of the night was (credit to @ShooterMcgavin)O

The internet was right that at Ohio State:


Mark May was as right as he always is:



If you want further analysis on the drops, the catches, the rushes, the turnovers, the Touchdowns…. wait, breaking news! Ezekiel Elliott just scored again!… and everything else, I’m sure you can find much more capable writers for that. I will simply sum up with a couple of thoughts:

  1. Cardale Jones has only started 3 games in college: The Big Ten (B1G) Championship, The Rose Bowl/Playoff Semifinal, & the National Championship game. He faced the top two teams in the country as well as another Top 15 team. He faced all 3 Heisman Trophy Finalists. He’s 3-0. The composite score was 143-55. Pretty sure no QB has ever had a start like that to his college career. He’s good.
  2. In the three biggest games of the season, Ezekiel Elliott rushed for over 200 yards each time with a total of 8 TD’s. He had no other 200 yard games this season. He’s good.
  3. Those two things combine to lead to 2 logical conclusions:
    1. Urban Meyer can coach
    2. That offensive line is awesome

Now finally… if you want a full recap of the game, just take 2 minutes and review Chipper Jones’ analysis in selfies.

Congratulations Buckeyes

May you all have a pleasant offseason… THE Swami!  


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