Guru the Magazine: Flip the Script – Thrice as Nice

In what has become an annual tradition, the Guru and Swami have agreed this week to Flip the Script – the Guru will pick the games while the Swami attempts to one-up the Guru on one game (which will not happen).  Fresh off the Guru’s 3-0 start—including picking Ole Miss’s road upset of the Crimson Tide last week—it is time for some script flipping.  And with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. premiering tonight and the Guru’s excitement for Captain America: Civil War next spring, the Guru had decided to assign an Avenger (or other superhero involved in Civil War) to each matchup—and as a bonus, they each have a villain to fight.  Without further ado…to the picks!

  • BYU at Michigan – Captain America v. Brock Rumlow – Squeaky clean All-American guy v. HYDRA muscle. Expect Captain America to go into the Big House and punch Crossbones in the face to grab the win.  *any implied resemblance between Crossbones and Harbaugh is strictly intentional.  BYU 38—Michigan 34.Captain_America_Shield
  • Georgia Tech at Duke – Nick Fury v. Baron von Strucker – Lots of intelligence here on both sides. But everyone knows Nick Fury doesn’t usually lose two battles in a row.  Yellow Jackets 30, Blue Devils 17.


  • LSU at Syracuse – Hulk v. Loki – Loki may have the superior mind, but when he came face to face with the Hulk in the first Avengers movie, it was just a bunch of pavement slamming. LSU 48, Syracuse 16.Hulk-Age-of-Ultron-character-poster
  • Oklahoma State at Texas – Scarlet Witch v. Ultron – Texas still has the most money, massive enrollment, and lots of talent. But the young Cowboys look like something triggered their firepower, and they’ll hand Texas its cold, lifeless heart. OSU 37, Texas 28.Scarlet
  • Tennessee at Florida – Hawkeye v. Bullseye – Real Hawkeye v. Dark Hawkeye (from Norman Osborne’s Dark Avengers). Tennessee hasn’t won this one in over a decade, but just like Clint Barton, they’re taking Hawkeye’s mantle back. Volunteers 24, Gators 20.


  • TCU at Texas Tech – Black Widow v. Baron Zemo – Black Widow doesn’t have any superpowers, but is well-trained and able to do things you didn’t know humans could do. Sounds a bit like Trevone Boykin. But with Texas Tech as a possible new “big bad” and TCU losing 5 defensive starters already, this will be a shootout. Good thing the Widow is an excellent marks(wo)man. TCU 35, Texas Tech 34.Widow
  • UCLA at Arizona – Spider-Man v. Venom – Arizona won the Pac-12 South last year. This game may determine the champion this year. Just like Peter Parker’s alter ego manages to survive everything Eddie Brock’s alter ego throws at him, the Bruins will take the next step and knock off the Wildcats on the road. Also, gold and powder blue webs on the sideline! Yay? UCLA 27, Arizona 26.


  • Texas A&M at Arkansas – Iron Man v. Whiplash – Iron Man 2 tried to make Whiplash a match for Iron Man. He came into the picture after biding his time, believing he would take over his world by defeating his nemesis.  He failed.  He could also be heard whispering “Wooo! Pig! Sooey!” in Russian.  So this is a solid fit.  Aggies 33, Razorbacks 24.IronMan
  • Utah at OregonBlack Panther v. Ulysses Klaw – One is known for being nimble and able to strike without warning. The other is strong, and his initials are “U. Klaw” U-tah…U-Klaw?  Yeah, it’s a stretch. But it’ll make for a cool movie, and for a good matchup this weekend.  It is also the ONLY home time the Guru is picking to win on here.    The Ducks will win at home but not by a lot.  Oregon 41, Utah 31.


  • USC at Arizona State – Thor v. Malekith – Asgard v. Dark Elves. Trojans v. Sun Devils. This time, the fight isn’t over the Aether, but the Pac-12 South (yeah, the Pac-12 South has some good games this week). Malekith is a skilled fighter, especially on his home turf, but even with his trident (they don’t use daggers in Tempe), Thor and Mjolner will eventually prevail.  Trojans 40, Sun Devils 35.hammertime

The Swami’s Take

Last week USC was found unworthy to wield Mjolner and they have not recovered that worthiness yet. And in a classic wrestling move… THAT’S AQUAMAN’S MUSIC!!! Yes, someone meant to use a trident has entered the fray and he will lead the Sun Devils to victory. Arizona State 38 – USC 34aquaman

The Swami’s Other Take

It was an awful lot of fun to be at Kauffman Stadium last night as the Royals clinched their first division crown in 30 years!image1 image2

James & the Swamettes

The official offspring of the Swami are in bed but they wanted The Swami to pass on their picks:

  • Sorry Chiefs Fans: Green Bay 31 – KC 21
  • Dallas – Tony – Dez = Atlanta 24 – Dallas 17

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