Swami the Magazine: #TakeTheCrown

Greetings and welcome to another edition of Swami the Magazine! Last week in college football we saw 4 top 10 teams fall and others dodge some bullets. What will be in store this week? Only the Swami knows!!! (Full Disclosure: based on this season that should really read “Only the Guru knows” but that would go to his head so just work with us here).

Now as we get to this point of the season we have gotten past many of the non-conference games and things are coming more into focus. Ah, who am I kidding… when it comes to this point in the season I’m only thinking about BASEBALL!!! So in that light this week’s theme is going to be all about the Royals. Each game will get an esteemed member of the A.L Central Division Champions because…well, I can!

The Picks!

Omar Infante – Oklahoma v. Texas – Let’s be honest… Omar was selected just for Texas. A disappointment that had the fans looking for help resonates with the Longhorns. Look for OU to outclass the ‘horns like Ben Zobrist over Infante. Look for Texas to be found floating face down in the Red River. Oklahoma 44-10Omar

Lorenzo Cain – Georgia Tech v. Clemson – He doesn’t have the buzz like Mike Trout or Josh Donaldson, but you can bet he will be in the Top 5 in the MVP balloting. The Tigers don’t have the buzz, but they could very well be there when the playoff committee makes their decision. Clemson 38-30Cain

Alex Rios – Georgia v. Tennessee – I used to enjoy going over to friends’ houses to watch this game each year and cheer on the Volunteers. People used to also enjoy watching Alex Rios play. Now we just dream of Paulo Orlando. Georgia 31-27Rios

Wade Davis – Northwestern v. Michigan – The best player on the field for the best game of the week. Wade is a cerebral assassin and so far this season so have the boys from Chicago. I expect this postseason to be no different for Wade, and I expect this week to be no different for Northwestern. Northwestern 34-33Wade

Greg Holland – Wisconsin v. Nebraska – I’ll keep this simple. Nebraska is closing out games like a closer with a torn UCL. Brutal. Wisconsin 31-30 DETROIT, MI - AUGUST 16: Greg Holland #56 of the Kansas City Royals pitches in the ninth inning of game one of the double header against the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park on August 16, 2013 in Detroit, Michigan. The Royals defeated the Royals 2-1. (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

Eric Hosmer – Oklahoma State v. West Virginia – This game has the potential to have flash and pop and feels like it will be worth watching. The young first baseman is very much the same and will have many eyes on him throughout the playoffs. West Virginia 38-35Hosmer

Salvador Perez – TCU v. Kansas St. – Perez has taken over the mantle of the best defensive catcher in baseball and TCU & Baylor have taken over the mantle of being the class of the Big XII-II. That will not change any time soon. TCU 35-24Perez

Mike Moustakas – Florida v. Missouri – After last season everyone thought they knew what to expect of both Moustakas and the Gators. And this season both of them have had some surprises up their sleeves. The Gators will roll into the Royals’ neck of the woods and try to put down Missouri. Florida 27-24 Kansas City Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas makes a catch on a ball hit by Baltimore Orioles' Adam Jones during the sixth inning of Game 3 of the American League baseball championship series Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2014, in Kansas City, Mo. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

Johnny Cueto & Yordano Ventura – Miami v. Florida State – The swagger and bluster of the top two guys in the Royals’ rotation are only matched  by the swagger and bluster of these two Florida schools. In this annual civil war, the boys from the panhandle will keep up their dominance just like we hope the Royals will. Florida State 34-21Cueto

Alex Gordon – California v. Utah – Not as much flair and flash as Cain, but Alex Gordon brings most of what Cain does but also is the long tenured heart and soul of the Royals. He is the Swami’s favorite player and has a flair for the dramatic. This game likely will have a flair for the dramatic as well and will either be Cal’s coming out party, or just the next quiet step toward the top of college football for the Utes. Utah 38-34Gordon

The Guru’s Take

After another successful week (and watching the Sooners stay undefeated), the Guru has decided to turn his gaze toward the SEC East.  With Georgia getting destroyed by Bama last week, the role of East favorite has been grabbed by the surprising Gators.  However, this week’s meeting with Mizzou looms as a classic trap game.  After beating Tennessee and Ole Miss, Florida may be looking ahead to LSU and Georgia the following two weeks.  The Tigers can be tough at home, and could make this a rough one for Florida.  If Missouri’s O-line can keep the relentless Gators pressure off Drew Lock, the Tigers’ D should keep the game close.  Florida might get the air let out of their sails a week or two earlier than expected.  Upset alert!  Mizzou 23, Florida 21

James & the Swamettes

James and the Swamettes enjoyed getting to go to the Royals’ pep rally earlier this week so they will also put a player with their NFL picks…

Paulo Orlando – The Swamettes love cheering for an underdog and Paulo has been a great underdog story. So now that the Chiefs have played their way into being an underdog tale, the girls are hoping that they will also find success! Chiefs over Bears 27-24Paulo

Kris Medlen – James can’t help but like the undersized comeback story who works quickly and efficiently and could end up being the X-factor this postseason. He’s hoping the Falcons will also continue to be quick and efficient in dispatching another opponent. Falcons over Redskins 34-17 Pittsburgh Pirates v Kansas City Royals

Until Next Time… TAKE THE CROWN!!


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