Swami the Magazine: It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

Greetings and welcome to another edition of Swami the Magazine. Well, if you haven’t noticed, the theme of this college football season seems to be that the more you know the less you know the truth. Oh, and the other theme is “if the Swami likes your team, you should probably cry and watch something else”. So we’ve got that going for us!

On the cusp of the World Series it seems fitting to pay our respects to a man who played in 14 World Series’ and recently passed away. Yogi Berra is an icon and arguably the greatest catcher of all time. He also is well known for his many sayings. So in his honor we will pair a classic Yogi-ism with each of this week’s match-ups. Now without further ado…

The Picks!

Northwestern v. Nebraska –  Nebraska 28-27yogifork

Florida State v. Georgia Tech – FSU -5.5yogi-berra-yogi-berra-even-napoleon-had-his

Auburn v. Arkansas – Arkansas 33-28quote-you-better-cut-the-pizza-in-four-pieces-because-i-m-not-hungry-enough-to-eat-six-yogi-berra-2-54-55

Clemson v. Miami – Clemson 40-28tumblr_mwj6wpfznz1rredhno1_1280

Duke v. Virginia Tech – Duke 22-16a672f655b1c5a350037769016dc400fc

Tennessee v. Alabama – Alabama 44-356633

Texas Tech v. Oklahoma – Oklahoma 38-31rk764

Missouri v. Vanderbilt – Missouri 17-14quote-Yogi-Berra-i-never-said-most-of-the-things-1150

Texas A&M v. Ole Miss –  Texas A&M +6it-aint-the-heat-its-the-humility-quote-1

Utah v. USC – Utah +3.5Yogi-Berra-Quotes

The Guru’s Take

The Guru would be happy if the Swami picked against the Sooners every week, since their only loss this year was one where the Swami picked OU.  Nevertheless, the Guru is going to take on an SEC game this week, with a more under-the-radar pick.  Missouri is a road favorite against Vanderbilt this week, but as the Guru found out a couple of weeks ago, this is not your father’s (or even your slightly-older cousin’s) Mizzou team.  Vanderbilt has stayed in every game this year, and has given some good teams all they can handle due to their stifling defense.  This is not a game to bet the over.  The Commodores should be fired up to shut down the Tigers’ offense, and while the final score will be close, the home team shall prevail.  Vanderbilt 17, Missouri 13

James and the Swamettes

The kids may have gotten confused on this week’s theme…

Falcons v. Titans – Falcons 31-27fc,220x200,black.u2

Steelers v. Chiefs – Steelers 20-7booboo

Until next time… The Swami!!


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