2015 World Series – Game 1 Recap

Here’s a sleep-deprived bullet point recap of what Game 1 of the 2015 World Series entailed:

  • @TheFakeNed and I losing our minds as Google Fiber has a citywide outage in Kansas City right before the first pitch, NedFiber
  • An inside-the-park HR in a game of kickball on the first pitch for the home team
  • Personal tragedy for the starting pitcher and a twitter war between the media regarding whether or not he knewESPNStar
  • One player became the first person in history to have an RBI in the Little League World Series, the College World Series, and the MLB World Series
  • The national broadcast had a massive power outage, temporarily upgrading us to the international feed only to have it downgraded back to the national broadcasters. I’m sure there’s a wrestling “Spanish announcers table” joke/analogy to be made here, but I’m still too tired to make it. Power2Power
  • Zobrist being Zobrist
  • Julianna Zobrist winning the Internet for the nightJZ
  • Replay overturning a call
  • The best defensive first baseman around making an error like last year’s DH, and then intercepts a throw from the pitcher to the second baseman
  • Jarrod Dyson as DH being robbed of what may have been a 2nd inside-the-park home run of the game
  • The heart and soul of the Royals causing the second best closer in baseball to blow his first save since the trade deadlineAlex
  • The softest throwing pitcher for the Royals facing Old Reliable for the Mets in an epic extra innings matchupYoung
  • Redemption is apparently only a sacrifice fly away

And now we do it again tonight…

World Series


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