2015 World Series – Game 2 Recap

Here’s a less sleepy bullet point recap of what Game 2 of the 2015 World Series entailed –

  • National Anthem shenanigans – Dear Sara Evans… that took way too long and you need to look up how to pronounce Spangled. Seriously.Evans
  • Kauffman Stadium is a great backdrop for baseballGame 2 K


  • Hair. Lots of hair. And I was jealous of all of it.Hair


  • The Royals (hopefully) learned that shifting vs. Duda is as smart as trying to bring the fanny pack back
  • Alex Rodriguez said the mound was 60 feet 60 inches from home plate. And it was still smarter than 30% of what Harold Reynolds said.Harold


  • I love the Peanuts, but cutting the video of the singing of God Bless America for a Peanuts rendition of Take Me Out to the Ball Game was dumb. As a public service, here’s when Airman Michelle Doolittle sang God Bless America last season during the World Series. She performed it again last night.
  • Bad Bunt + Bad Bunt = RBI Single  #EskyMagic
  • Singles are all you needMove the Line


  • The Royals Defense > The Mets Defense #EskyMagic


  • Cueto Day was a very, very, good day!Final

The Championship Magic Number is: Magic 2




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