2015 World Series – Game 4 Recap

Wait, where’s the game 3 recap? I have elected to do the Game 3 recap in emojis

Game 3

On to Game 4. What were the key moments of Game 4:

  • While interference was the right call, d’Arnaud can sell the crime like an international soccer player or a WWE professionalFlop
  • The object of my rage defensively added fuel to the fire. YOU ARE A VETERAN, ALEX RIOS. YOU ARE IN THE WORLD SERIES. KNOW HOW MANY OUTS THERE ARE!!!!!!Rios
  • Even when Michael Conforto half-swings, the confines of Citi Field allow his hits to travel. A long way.


  • Yoenis Cespedes’ ability to kick a baseball is unrivaled. Imagine what he must be able to do with a soccer ball!Fielding


  • What Paulo Orlando is for Triples, Ben Zobrist is for Postseason doubles. Also, there has never been a better motto for how a team plays than what the Royals haveZobrist


  • The Royals don’t treat Familia, like Familia
  • When the 8th inning began, Mets fans screamed, “Wait. What?! THAT’S WADE DAVIS’ MUSIC!!!!Wade
  • Wade Davis… BattingWade MIM
  • The Royals Magic Number is:Dyson

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