Swami the Magazine: Christmas Gift Giving Guide 2015

Greetings and welcome to another edition of Swami the Magazine! This is the time of year for gift giving and sometimes the time of year for us to act like we love the presents we get! (Time for me to come clean… I did NOT appreciate the Handerpants from the Guru last year) handerpants_1

That swell gift from the Official Attorney of Random Thoughts Illustrated, with an assist from Jimmy Fallon, inspired this week’s theme for the picks: Worst Gifts Ever. It seems a fitting theme since, for some of these teams, the outcome of this game could drastically alter their Christmas. Also, hopefully it gives you some ideas of what NOT to give your family and some perspective regarding how good your gifts actually are! So here you have them…

The Picks!!

Northwest Missouri St. v. Emporia St. – Who picks Emporia?! NMSU 33-27

worstgiftever12Temple v. Houston – Houston 38-28

Texas v. Baylor – Baylor 52-24

Florida v. Alabama – Alabama 31-28

Stanford v. USC – Stanford 28-24

Michigan State v. Iowa – Michigan State 27-24

North Carolina v. Clemson – Clemson 44-21


The Guru’s Take

Well, the Guru is pleased enough with Oklahoma’s near-certain inclusion in the College Football Playoff that he isn’t even upset at Michigan for failing to show up last week. This week, with a limited slate of games, the most enticing matchup belongs to the Pac-12. Stanford has looked superior to USC for much of the year, just had an exciting win over the Domers, beat USC in week 3, and has an outside chance at the playoff. But USC has been a different team the past few weeks, which led to Clay Helton having the “interim” tag removed. The Trojans will look to punctuate their rise to the top of the conference (which had been expected at the beginning of the year) by upsetting the Cardinal. If USC can pull off a couple of big plays, they should cause trouble for the Tree-men. The Guru thinks Justin Davis will dominate on the ground and USC will put enough points on the board to take the title. USC 35 – Stanford 31

James & the Swamettes

The official offspring of the Swami wanted to share in the #WorstGiftEver theme, so they picked the recent presents given to Browns & Lions fans for their Worst Gifts

Chiefs v. Raiders – The Swamettes are definitely feeling the winning mojo for the Chefs… Kansas City 34-24  

Falcons v. Bucs – James is not feeling any love for the swooning Falcons of late. Tampa Bay 35-31


Until Next Time… The Swami!! (and may the Force be with your bowl picks…)


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