Swami the Magazine: Fleet Week

This is usually a dead week without an issue of Swami the Magazine, but two things made this colvella (it’s the novella version of a column… ) necessary:

  1. The Northwest Missouri State Alumni like to see their school acknowledged
  2. The Naval Academy football helmets this year deserve a column of their own

So without further ado:

Northwest Missouri State vs. West Georgia – Growing up, West Georgia was not what West Georgia now is, so I say good job y’all. That being said, they can’t declaw the Bearcats.  NWMSU 37-28  NW

Army vs. Navy – This game has nothing to do with football. It’s about respecting the future leaders of our armed forces, and we salute and thank them. That being said, Navy wins 42-17. But more important than that has been how cool uniforms have gotten in this matchup. It’s been one of my favorite games annually of late from an aesthetic stand-point. This year the Naval Academy did a mic drop after unveiling their helmets. They have 7 hand painted versions and they have divided who uses each by which positional group they are in… which is brilliant in my opinion. Anyway, this is just cool, so here are the Navy helmets:

The Quarterbacks – Carriers 
Navy Carrier QBs

The Running Backs – Littoral Combat Ships (of which the newly christened U.S.S. Kansas City is one) Navy Littoral RBs

The Wide Receivers – SubmarinesNavy Subs WRs

The Linemen – Amphibious Assault ShipsNavy Amphibious Assault Line

The Linebackers – CruisersNavy Cruiser LBs

The Defensive Backs – DestroyersNavy Destroyer DBs

Special Teams/Kickers – MinesweepersNavy Minesweeper Special Teams


Truly, too cool… Until next week’s Bowl Preview… may the Swami be with you!!


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2 replies

  1. Northwest Missouri State is 9-1 in national semi-final appearances and undefeated when the national semi-final is played in Maryville. West Georgia is the #1 seed in the usually difficult Super Region 2, so this isn’t the cake walk that Grand Valley State is getting against Shepard (SR 4 v SR 1). Bearcats by 2 touchdowns; goalposts in Colden Pond; and alumni lining up to pay the reported $10,000 for replacement posts. Welcome to Kansas City, Northwest Missouri State.

    BuckeyeWill believes the Swami too generous to Army in giving 17 points against Navy. Not only, as the Swami eloquently stated, does Navy have the cool helmets, USN also has the FBS leader in all purpose yards at quarterback. Army v Navy will get out of hand early. The Navy quarterback hasn’t been this good since Roger Staubach.

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