The Swami & Guru’s MLB Predictions 2016

Welcome to the only MLB Preview you need! Remember, last year the Swami nailed his prediction of a World Series between the Royals and the NL East Champions! (Just please ignore who that champion was and who he predicted to win that series). So as we load up for this season we wanted to make sure to give you the Guru’s take as well so that you can see that both of us are just as accurate as the national guys that get paid to do this. Let’s get to it:

The Senior Circuit

NL East

It appears that both prognosticators are on the same page with the defending NL champions repeating in the division and the Nationals fighting for a playoff spot.

NL East

NL Central

Not going to lie… we’re kind of boring. But the exciting part is that fans in Chicago should be giddy for the upcoming season.

NL Central

NL West

Neither brother can find a way to deny the Giants their “even year” run toward the World Series, though the Swami does not have the Guru’s faith in the Dodgers.

NL West

The Junior Circuit


AL East

Ok at this point we have to agree that the boys seem to have been evaluating teams similarly. The good news is that their playoffs don’t look the same (or you’d have to get a refund on this column)

AL East

AL Central

This division should be the strongest from top to bottom. Any of these could flip around significantly. It will be very tight the whole season.

AL Central

AL West

2016 should be a good year deep in the heart of Texas.

AL West


The Playoffs

1 Game Playoff

The Swami has a tie between Washington and Arizona for Wild Card #2 so there will have to be a play-in game. And the winner is: Arizona

Wild Card

Swami’s Picks:  Arizona over St. Louis & Texas over Cleveland
Guru’s Picks: St. Louis over Washington & Cleveland over Boston

Division Series Round

Swami’s Picks:
NL: Chicago over Arizona & San Francisco over New York
AL: Texas over Toronto & Houston over Kansas City

Guru’s Picks:
NL: Chicago over St. Louis & New York over San Francisco
AL: Toronto over Cleveland & Houston over Kansas City

League Championship Series Round

Swami’s Picks:
NL: San Francisco over Chicago
AL: Houston over Texas

Guru’s Picks:
NL: Chicago over New York
AL: Houston over Toronto

2016 World Series

Swami’s Pick:  San Francisco over Houston
Guru’s Pick:  Chicago over Houston

So there you have it! The NL will prevail over Houston for the title, so say the Swami & Guru. So if you’ll excuse me, this editor is going to put a bunch of money on Houston!




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