Swami the Magazine: It’s Only Logical

Welcome to another edition of Swami the Magazine! This week marked the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek in moving picture form and that inspired the staff here at StM Headquarters (located in the cave from Deep Impact that will ultimately save us all) to make this a Trek-centric column this week! With each pick you will get a classic Star Trek quote and then you get to play the game sweeping the nation “Helmet: Real or Not?!” (The helmet answer key can be found at the bottom…oh, and the helmet isn’t necessarily who I’m picking to win). Now let’s get to…

The Picks!

Wyoming v. Nebraska“Space… the final frontier.” Because if there’s one thing found in Wyoming, it’s space. – Nebraska 34-14swam-neb

Mercer v. Georgia Tech“Set Phasers to Stun” – I’m anticipating that the Yellow Jackets will be kind and not go for the kill… too early. Georgia Tech 38-0swam-gt
Tulsa v. Ohio State “I’m givin’ her all she’s got, Captain!” – And all she’s got won’t be nearly enough for the Golden Hurricane in this one. Ohio State 42-13swam-osu
Kentucky v. Florida“So much for the little training cruise.” – The season gets real very quickly for the boys with blue grass! Florida 26-12swam-uk

South Carolina v. Mississippi State “Nuclear Wessels” – After last week, I’m not sure that the bulldogs can say anything correctly.  South Carolina +6.5swam-sc
Arkansas v. TCU “Beam me up, Scotty” – The Razorbeaks will be begging for Scotty’s help. TCU 49-38swam-tcu
Texas Tech v. Arizona State “Live long, and prosper” – The Sun Devils’ logo should be replaced by the LLAP hand sign. Just sayin’. Arizona State 42-40swam-asuWhoops! That’s not a helmet. But if Arizona State did an Aquaman themed trident helmet it would be AWESOME!!

Iowa State v. Iowa “Don’t tell me — you’re from outer space.” “…No, I’m from Iowa. I only work in space.” – I kind of feel like this one is self-explanatory. Iowa 24-(-12)* swam-iowa*I’m not sure how this would happen, but I feel like ISU can do it if anyone can.

Virginia Tech v. Tennessee“To boldly go where no man has gone before.” – Like in the middle of a racetrack in Bristol.  Tennessee 24-21swam-vtHere’s where they are boldly going this week…bristol
Virginia v. Oregon “Resistance is futile” – So true for the poor Cavaliers. Oregon 59-10swam-oregon


The Guru’s Take

The Guru came out firing in week 1, picking the Longhorns’ upset of the Domers. This week…well, there are no duels between ranked teams, so it’s a bit of a letdown. But there should be a heck of a shootout in the desert late Saturday night (firing…duels…shootout…see what I did there?). Kliff Kingsbury will bring his Red Raiders into Sun Devil Stadium for a matchup with ASU. One thing is certain – there will be points. There will also be yardage. Okay, so two things are certain. Expect a shootout, but the favored Sun Devils will not be able to keep up with the Scarlet Thieves (that does not sound quite as intimidating as Red Raiders. Perhaps the school chose wisely). Look for a back-and-forth affair until the Red Raiders pull away at the end.

Texas Tech 45, Arizona State 35

James & the Swamettes

Unfortunately the kids were busy this week and couldn’t prepare a full column, but they did send these picks along:

  • Panthers over Broncos
  • Chiefs over Chargers
  • Falcons over Bucs
  • Elena of Avalor over Sophia the First

Helmet: Real or Not?!  Answer Key:

  • Nebraska – Real
  • Georgia Tech – Not 
  • Ohio State – Not
  • Kentucky – Real
  • South Carolina – Real
  • TCU – Not
  • Arizona State – Tridents for everyone
  • Iowa – Not
  • Virginia Tech – Not
  • Oregon – Real

Until next time… The Swami!!!


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