Swami the Magazine: Marvel-ous

Present day in a Cinematic Universe near you… Ok, maybe that’s why they don’t do the “Star Wars” scroll at the beginning of all of the Marvel films. Anyway, welcome to another edition of Swami the Magazine! This week we will be pairing up Marvel Heroes to go with each college football matchup. But first, let me ask a few questions.

  1. How does a team that nearly lost to Georgia State go into Lansing and HANDLE Michigan State? Enigma thy name is Wisconsin.
  2. If LSU’s center snaps the ball 1/2 second sooner, does that make Les Miles a good enough coach to not fire?
  3. Is anyone at Louisville getting nervous yet about a possible midnight defection of Bobby Petrino?
  4. Did anyone else notice that James & the Swamettes were perfect last week?
  5. Who decided to have a college football game at Arrowhead during a Royals game at Kauffman on Saturday?
  6. Did anyone notice that the Braves have won 9 of their last 10?!

Ok, enough thought provocation for today. It’s time to get to…

The Picks!

Stanford v Washington – Vision – Funny story: I Googled “Smart Red Guy” in the hope of proving why I chose Vision for the Stanford game and the whole first page was videos of the Red Green Show. I’m not sure what to think, but I’m pretty sure it did not help me make my point! Stanford 30-28vision

Miami v Georgia Tech – Peter Parker/Spider Man – Miami is working on yet another reboot and they are really hoping that this one works better, just like the newest incarnation of Spider-Man. Miami 30-24spidey

Nebraska v Illinois – Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch – After years in anonymity (outside of their home state) the Huskers are forcing their way into the national conversation once again. They are perfect for Scarlet Witch because they are red, powerful, and could, at any moment, end up in a catastrophe. Nebraska 24-17scarlet

Oklahoma State v Texas – Scott Lang/Ant Man – The winner of this game is hoping to surprise the Big XII-II like Giant Man at the airport in Civil War. The loser? Well, they’ll want to disappear from sight like an ant. Oklahoma State 42-38ant

Tennessee v Georgia – T’Challa/Black Panther – Tennessee’s re-emergence in the SEC East has been as enjoyable as Black Panther’s emergence on screen. Georgia has to watch out because the Vols can be equally as vicious to their dreams for this season. Tennessee 35-27panther

Florida State v North CarolinaStephen Strange/Dr. Strange – It’s going to take some sorcery for FSU to reclaim their throne in the ACC after Louisville smashed them. At least this week, they will seem up to the challenge.  Florida State 33-21strange

Michigan over Wisconsin – Tony Stark/Iron Man – Take away Jim Harbaugh’s suit (or khaki’s) and what do you have left? Eccentric, Millionaire, Pro Bowl Player, Successful Head Coach. Good point. He’s crazy like a Stark though! Michigan 38-27iron

TCU v Oklahoma – Peter Quill/Star Lord – TCU is still trying to get the respect annually of the more well-known franchise names. Make no mistake though, you do not want to mess with them when the going gets rough. TCU +3 1/2starlord

Louisville v Clemson – Bruce Banner/Hulk – Sure, the Cardinals looked mild mannered before the season started, but holy cow somebody made the green guy angry!!! Louisville 48-31hulk

Texas A&M v South Carolina – Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow – When I hear Agricultural and Mechanical I hear Black Widow. You don’t? She’ll take you out with something mechanical and bury you under some agriculture. So you might just want to go back to the east coast. Texas A&M 28-14widow

NWMSU v CMSU – Steve Rogers/Captain America – Steve Rogers was the ultimate “little guy” with a ton of fight. These schools may not be big but there’s a lot of fight in them, and no one wants to mess with the champs! Northwest Missouri State 52-21cap

The Guru’s Take

The Guru (a.k.a. Thanos) is pleased that this is quite the week of matchups this week from which to choose, so he doesn’t have to choose a hated rival in hopes of cursing them to a loss (OSU, sorrynotsorry).  Three separate matchups between top-10 teams are on the schedule, so the Guru will go straight to the Swami’s kryptonite – games played before Saturday.  The Washington Huskies have been on the upswing and look like a legitimate Pac-12 contender this year.  To win their division, though, they must go through Stanford.  The Huskies’ defensive backs are second(ary) to none , and they should help keep the game close.  Stanford will be able to keep their ground game going, but the purple-and-gold attack will do enough to triumph.  

Huskies 24, Cardinal 20thanos

James & the Swamettes

The kids said they wanted to also do Marvel characters for their picks. And then James went rogue. And then the youngest Swamette went off the reservation. But they were right last week, so what’s a guy to do?!

Panthers v. Falcons – Swamette Primero loves to support her daddy, but she thinks the Panthers are going to bounce back against the Falcons’ weak defense. Panthers 45-35baymax

Chiefs v. Steelers – James was going to go the Marvel route, but he REALLY preferred going with Lego Batman. The editorial staff lost the argument on this one. Chiefs 20-17batman

Giants v. Vikings – The newest Swamette wanted Paw Patrol and when the disagreement started to devolve into tears, the Editors caved. Someday that’s going to come back and haunt everyone… Vikings 24-13skye

Until next time… The Swami!


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  1. Dearest Swami,

    I’m glad you did not anger the football gods by referencing the university in Warrensburg by it’s old name CMSU. UCM (University of Central Missouri) is the new official name. Much like Northeast Missouri State became Truman State and Southwest Missouri State became Missouri State.

    While the Board of Trustees in Columbia (UM-C) got their collective panties in a wad when Southwest Missouri State became Missouri State, it was nothing compared to the furor when UM-C wanted to absorb NWMSU into the Missouri university system, AND require NWMSU to drop football or drop to Div. III. The alumni gathered together to voice their displeasure in Jefferson City and decide if the alumni can take Northwest private. It was bad.

    Here’s to Northwest and Ohio State winning National Championships in the same football year (yet to happen). You’re invited to Children’s Mercy Park on Saturday, December 17.


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