Thanksgiving Already? (A Postseason Story)

My youngest seemed very confused when I told her that the Royals’ season was over, but baseball wasn’t over. She can’t remember a time where the Royals finished more than a few weeks before Thanksgiving. However, that’s where we find ourselves this season, so in the absence of the Royals and Braves, it’s time to loan out our fandom for a month or so. But first let’s look at the story lines in play for this postseason.

National League:

  • Giants – The Even Year Magic – Can they REALLY keep doing it every other year?
  • Mets – Royal Copycats – Can they mimic last year’s Champs and win a title 30 years after their previous win and win the World Series the year after finishing 2nd?
  • Nationals – Breakthrough – Can they win the franchise’s first ever title?
  • Cubs – Curse-Breakers – Can the Cubs finally end their 108 year championship drought?
  • Dodgers – Restoration – Can the Dodgers return to their past glory for their new(ish) ownership group and claim title #7 in Vin Scully’s final year?

American League: 

  • Blue Jays – Bat Flip Validation – Can the Blue Jays swagger deliver the goods, or is it just sound and fury signifying nothing?
  • Orioles – 33 Year Odessey & Possible Beltway Battle – Can the O’s break-through after over 30 years without a title? Could they match up with the Nationals to divide DC even further?
  • Indians – 68 Years of Waiting & Titletown USA – Cleveland has one of the longest World Series droughts in baseball. Can they end it? And if they win on the heels of the Cavs, is there a new Titletown?
  • Rangers – Never Say Never – They have come close, but the Rangers have no championships. Could this be the year?
  • Red Sox – Big Papi – Can the Sox win their 4th title in 12 years to send David Ortiz off to retirement with a final trip to the top of the mountain?

The Wild Card Round

I’ve done the prediction thing in the past. This time, I’m just going to tell you who I hope wins instead! (Note: I was in each of the Wild Card host ballparks within 4 days of each other this summer!)

Baltimore vs. Toronto – There has been some bad blood at times between the Royals and Blue Jays, and ultimately if it’s close, I’ll usually pick the ballpark I like more. So, let’s go ORIOLES!!orioles

San Francisco vs. New York – Let’s be honest… I am predisposed to not cheer for teams from New York. For at least this round: Let’s go GIANTS!giants

So Orange rules the day for the Wild Card Round. Thoughts for future rounds? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see! (Here’s a hint though: This house wants Zobrist to win another title!)


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