Playoff Season – The Division Series

Well, my choices for the division series went 1-1. Quick thoughts?It was nice to see Bumgarner do that to someone other than the Royals.

  • It was nice to see Bumgarner do that to someone other than the Royals.
  • I think the Royals broke Familia
  • Buck Showalter “Yosted” Oriole fans (Zack Britton ladies and gentlemen!)
  • Final inning, tie-breaking Home Runs are exciting

ALDS Choices

Texas over Toronto – Toronto has the scarier offense but they also have the scarier bullpen. A rotation with Hamels and Darvish at the front also seems like a plus for Texas. But as I mentioned before, I am only picking what I hope happens. I have no love for the Jays, so let’s hope everything is better in Texas! 

Cleveland over Boston – I think Boston will win. I think they are the best team in the American League. I think Big Papi riding off into the sunset as a champ is pretty compelling. I also think that Cleveland has had a huge drought and deserve to break that more than Boston deserves their 4th in 12 years. Plus, I can’t go against my Aunt Polly! feller

NLDS Choices

Cubs over Giants – The Giants’ whole even year thing is really compelling, but I REALLY want to see some history this year and end this Cubs drought. And James and the Swamettes LOVE them some Zobrist. So we’ve got all Cubs all the time going on in this one. zobrist

Nationals over Dodgers – Not a whole lot here. I’ve got some peeps in DC. I’ve never been an LA or NY fan. Kinda just falls that way. dc


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