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Greetings and welcome to another edition of Swami the Magazine. This is the place where the main writer ignores that his kids are way better at predicting games than he is and just keeps making picks every week! This week the staff at StM has been watching a lot of baseball games and they’ve been seeing many movie commercials (along with plenty of OTHER commercials) but it made them wonder… what movies are coming out before the end of the year? So in order to get his staff to focus back on football, the Swami decided to work in his 4th Quarter Movie Preview with this week’s picks. So you get an idea of what you do, or don’t, want to see from this weekend to the end of the year! #YouAreWelcome  Now without further ado…

The Picks & the Previews!

Georgia Tech v. Georgia Southern – Inferno Much like the third film in the Da Vinci Code saga, this game isn’t really be clamored for by anyone but the accountants and Tom Hanks’ hair stylist. Georgia Tech 38-10inferno

Indiana v. Nebraska – Jack Reacher:  Never Go Back – Nebraska has climbed back to the Top 10 and to relevance in college football and they never want to go back to where they’ve been. Unfortunately, Indiana has been hanging with the big boys and look to knock the Huskers down a peg. But if Tom Cruise can play a character a foot taller than him anything can happen, right? Right?  Indiana 31-28reacher

Clemson v. NC State – Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Tigers! Wolves! Grrr! This matchup has the makings of a surprise great game this weekend. Only time will tell, though, if it’s a worthy successor to the Harry Potter franchise or if it’s just another money-grab. Wait, am I still talking about the game or the movie? Clemson 35-33beasts

Oklahoma v. Kansas State – Sing Obligatory animated film with singing? Check. Obligatory Big 8 matchup in a season where neither really matter? Check. Oklahoma 27-21sing

West Virginia v. Texas Tech – Silence The film is an annual tradition. A Martin Scorsese December Oscar-pining film release with well-known actors. The title is a perfect description of what the national media wants to say about this game. West Virginia 42-34silence

Wake Forest v. Florida State – Trolls The Seminole defense has looked as scary as a field of trolls this season and Wake Forest could be the plucky upstart that ends up ruling the day (a la Anna Kendrick). Then again the Noles could pull a Timberlake and make the Deacons Cry Me a River. But I just Can’t Stop the Feeling (JT… you owe me for that one) that Wake is going to hang relatively close in this one. Wake Forest +21trolls

Alabama v. Tennessee – Doctor Strange Why would you make movies about heroes people aren’t familiar with? Why would you ever think Alabama could lose? Because surprise hits are awesome! Unfortunately, I anticipate a much better experience with Doctor Strange than I do with the outcome of this game. Alabama 42-30strange

Miami v. North Carolina – Moana You thought I wouldn’t pair this game with a movie starring The Rock… a.k.a the Pride of The U?!?! The movie looks good and quite frankly this matchup could be a good one. Miami 27-24moana

Ole Miss v. Arkansas – Passengers Big names (Pratt & Lawrence) doing sci-fi things; cheating the laws of nature. Ole Miss doing Ole Miss things; cheating the laws of the NCAA. Whoops! Did I say that out loud?! Oh, well, they’re still going to win it.  Ole Miss 45-28passengers

Wisconsin v. Ohio State – Rogue One The new trailer released today has a line in it that is fitting. “We have hope. Rebellions are built on hope!” That’s the feeling in the Badger locker room. Ohio State looks like a force against which there is no defense, but Wisconsin has been beating down the best of the B1G so why can’t they have hope?! I have hope that someone will stay within 10 points of the Buckeyes! Wisconsin +10rogue

And just because… The 2nd Trailer!

The Guru’s Take

The Guru is enjoying his winning streak after Auburn trounced Mississippi State last week, but this week the Guru agreed with the Swami on nearly everything…so instead of going to a Thursday night game, it’s time to disagree on a spread pick in a primetime top-10 matchup! The Swami believes the Badgers’ defense will keep them close against the Buckeyes, especially with Indiana managing to stay close to them last week. But the Guru believes the Indiana game snapped OSU’s focus back into place, and J.T. Barrett will be able to do some damage. tOSU will cover by a razor-thin margin this week, making the Swami wish he just picked THE Urban Meyer-coached team for the win. Buckeyes 28, Badgers 17

James & the Swamettes

Chiefs v. Raiders – Big Hero 6: The Series – James is far more stoked about seeing the return of Baymax than he is seeing the Chiefs have to play the red hot Raiders. Raiders 24-17baymax

Falcons v. Seahawks – Tangled the Animated Series – The Original Swamette is a bit baffled about how Rapunzel has long blonde hair again, but hey, if it means more Tangled goodness, who is she to argue?! Falcons 31-28tangled

Cowboys v. Packers – DuckTales – Swamette the Redux isn’t familiar with the original DuckTales series but everyone in the Casa del Swami is looking forward to hearing her yell “WHOO-HOO” in the theme song. Oh, and she’s calling for the upset in this one. Cowboys 30-28ducktales

Until next time… The Swami! 


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