Swami the Magazine: Severe Drought

Greetings and welcome to another edition of Swami the Magazine! Last week the Swami missed the exact score of the Nebraska-Wisconsin game by 1 point… due to Wisconsin missing the extra point in OT! He also nailed the 3 point difference between Georgia Tech and Duke and correctly picked the Oklahoma State upset (defeating the Guru). It was a good week.

Now since then, all that’s happened is the Chicago Cubs ended a 108 year World Series drought (Way to go Cubs!) and meteorologists have been checking to see if Hell froze over. That got the staff thinking about what fan bases are now the most tortured, so they will bring you one of the 10 longest droughts in MLB, the NFL, or the NBA with each pick this week. So without further ado… let the salt be prepared for the open wounds!

The Picks

North Carolina v.  Georgia Tech53 years for the San Diego Chargers – The Chargers have had 1 close brush with a championship and many competitive years, but haven’t gotten over the hump since their AFL days. North Carolina 34-27chargers

Army v. Air Force53 years for the Houston Astros (0 in franchise history) – They got there in the 2000’s but were summarily dismissed by the other Chicago baseball team. The future doesn’t look terrible though.  Army 27-24altuve

Nebraska v. Ohio State55 years for the Tennessee Titans/Houston Oilers (0 in franchise history) – The Titans came up 1 yard short of a title against the Rams and have not come close since. Nebraska +17titans

Oklahoma St v. Kansas State56 years for the Texas Rangers (0 in franchise history) – The Rangers were 1 strike away from ending this streak earlier this decade. But alas, it lives on. Oklahoma State 37-33rangers

Syracuse v. Clemson56 years for the Philadelphia Eagles – These guys have been far from losers, going to the playoffs 10 out of 16 seasons including 2 trips to the Super Bowl. It’s still a long time, though. Syracuse +27eagles

Baylor v. TCU58 years for the Atlanta Hawks (0 in franchise history) – The Hawks history goes across 4 cities and is almost 6 decades long and they’ve never won it all. Every time they get a quality nucleus, one of the best players of a generation pops up in the Eastern Conference. Baylor 45-33hawks

Arkansas v. Florida 59 years for the Detroit Lions – And don’t forget they accomplished the unthinkable feat of going 0-16 one season as well. If only Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson could have been on the same team at the same time. Arkansas 31-28lions

Florida State v. NC State 65 years for the Sacramento Kings – The Kings are possibly the biggest sports afterthought in the state of California. I don’t expect this drought to end anytime soon. Florida State 28-24kings

Kentucky v. Georgia68 years for the Cleveland Indians – #TooSoon is probably appropriate here, but it’s hard to ignore the near-champions. The good news for Cleveland is that they should be good for the foreseeable future. Unlike their cohorts the Browns who are simply destined for the #1 pick in the draft. Kentucky +3 cleveland

Michigan v. Maryland69 years for the Arizona Cardinals – Their previous championship came when they were still located in Chicago. Multiple relocations haven’t been able to end the waiting for the franchise. Of course, if not for the end of game heroics of Ben Roethlisberger this might have ended just a few years back. Alas, those heroics happened and the waiting continues. Michigan 42-28cardinals

The Guru’s Take

Other than the top couple of teams, the SEC is a weird animal this year. Arkansas has had two weeks to stew on losing by 53 points to Auburn. Florida is coming off a 2 TD win over Georgia.  The Razorbacks are at home. Florida has a better record. Arkansas has had a much tougher schedule. This one is essentially a toss-up.  But the Guru disagrees with the Swami that the Big Pigs will triumph at home. Florida is in firm control of the SEC East, and it doesn’t want to let up now.  Somehow, the Gators will get it done in Fayetteville.  Florida 27, Arkansas 20.

James & the Swamettes

Kansas City 26-17 over Jacksonville – Even with the injuries to the Chiefs, James has confidence in the hometown team. And after seeing the Jags’ uniforms from last week he simply said “gross”.

Oakland 30-27 over Denver – The original Swamette would like both teams to lose, she feels like the home team has the edge here. And then she went back to picking out outfit and earring combinations.

Atlanta 43-28 over Tampa Bay – The little Swamette picked the game before it happened last night… she just might have updated the score before this was published!


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