Swami the Magazine: Thankful…for Championships!

Greetings and welcome to another Thanksgiving Week edition of Swami the Magazine! The Swami hopes that this season finds you well and that you are able to enjoy some extra time with friends, family or both. In many years the Swami has taken the week to focus on the foods that are best consumed on the 4th Thursday of November, but the staff wanted to do something different this year. As the Swami is reveling in the 7th championship of his favorite NASCAR driver, the Staff decided to track down those who have raised the championship trophy/banner/beacon most often in their respective fields in this “Thankful for Championships” edition of…

The Picks!!

Texas A&M v LSU – Jimmie Johnson / Dale Earnhardt / Richard Petty (7) – The best of each era in NASCAR attained the same amazing level of greatness. Neither of these SEC teams seems destined for that greatness in the near future, but the Swami thinks that the boys from College Station will take this one in an upset! Texas A&M 31-27jimmie7

Washington St. v Washington – Michael Schumacher (7) – Open wheel racing is loved by the same number of people in the U.S. as Pac-12 football, so this seemed fitting!  All joking aside, it’s been a while since this game meant a lot, but this should be a good one. The Swami is upset-happy (wait, that’s confusing) this week so he’s taking Wazzou! Washington State 28-24schumacher

Nebraska v Iowa – Detroit Red Wings (11) – The Wings are an Original Six franchise with a love for Lord Stanley’s beverage receptacle. They are also Red, and the Huskers hope to channel that winning similarity in the third upset of the weekend. Nebraska 24-21 (caveat: If Tommy Armstrong is out, this is Iowa 24-10)red-wings

Georgia Tech v Georgia – Boston Celtics (17) – The official father of the Swami grew up with an affinity for the Celtics and there’s no more fitting pairing than with Swami Sr.’s alma mater! And as the Swami continues to keep the tradition of refusing to pick the puppies (#THWg) no matter what his rational mind says, it’s upset #4 for the week!  Georgia Tech 30-28packers

Michigan v Ohio State – UCLA Bruins (11) – The Wizard of Westwood would appreciate a matchup of coaches the caliber of Meyer & Harbaugh. This one is taking place in the horseshoe, but tOSU hasn’t looked spectacular of late. The Swami has decided, yep… once again, UPSET! Michigan 21-20ucla

Florida State v Florida – New York Yankees (27) – While the Swami loathes the pinstripers, it’s impossible to argue with the legacy of 27 championships. It’s also hard to argue that this matchup has lost some luster in recent years. The Swami never thought he would miss Spurrier in the Swamp, but he kind of does. No matter, for this first time this week, it’s a favorite for the win. Florida State 30-27yanks

Wisconsin v Minnesota – Manchester United (19) – ManU is the Yankees of the Premier League and the Swami likes them just as much. Unfortunately, the Swami likes the chances of a Gopher victory equally as much which will crush the last Husker hopes at a division title. Wisconsin 31-17manu

Colorado v Utah – Green Bay Packers (13) – Green Bay, Boulder, and Salt Lake City have one thing in common. Snow. Unlike this season in Green Bay, Colorado and Utah have “playing good football in 2016” in common as well. This should be good, but the kids in Black will come out on top. Colorado 34-31packers

Alabama v Auburn – Alabama/Notre Dame (12) – Kinda hitting the nail on the head with this one. Alabama is one of the two winningest college football programs in the country and they are #1 yet again. It would be fun to pick the upset here as the Iron Bowl can often surprise, but the Swami is just not feeling it this year. Alabama 34-14bama

Western Michigan v Toledo – Connecticut (11) – The UConn Women have 11 titles. The amazing thing is that they’ve gone to the championship game 11 times. If they get there, they don’t lose. What’s also amazing is that Western Michigan v. Toledo could be one of the best games of a stacked weekend. Who knew?!  Western Michigan will stay undefeated. WMU 24-17uconn

The Guru’s Take

It’s Rivalry Week!  Although the Guru has to wait a week for one of his two favorite rivalry games to occur since Bedlam was moved back a week, there are still plenty of great games on the slate. Only one involves two of the top four ranked teams in the country, though. The Swami appears to have bought into the Legend of the Khakis™ in Ann Arbor, but there is one small problem – Michigan is still missing their starting QB.  Ohio State was clearly looking ahead when they almost lost to MSU last week after a pair of 62-3 wins, but they will be amped up and ready to go in Columbus. It is unlikely to be a high-scoring donnybrook (19th century word alert!), but there will be enough offense for tOSU to triumph…and send Penn State to the B1G Championship against Wisconsin.  Nice job, Buckeyes!

James & the Swamettes

Vikings v Lions – Jack Nicklaus (18) – The youngest Swamette terrifies everyone when she’s swinging anything similar to a golf club. And this game terrifies both fan bases, regardless of them being tied for 1st in a mediocre division. But the Swamette thinks there should always be Hope!  Vikings 20-16jack

Falcons v Cardinals – Serena Williams (22) – The original Swamette is all about the girl-power. And since the Falcons are coming off a week of getting their beauty sleep, they’re gonna take this one. Falcons 34-30serena

Broncos v Chiefs – Michael Phelps (23) – James knows the Best when he sees it. Swimming = Phelps. AFC West = Broncos. Doh! Broncos 21-1700phelps


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from the Swami the Magazine Staff!


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  1. Jimmie Johnson’s 7 titles will be vacated once NASCAR figures out how Chip Knaus hides the nitrous oxide in the roll cage of the 48.

    It’s Hate Week in CBUS and the Buckeyes took Sparty way too lightly and skated out of East Lansing with a w (not a W, but a w). Now to focus on the that team up North. I applauded U of M hiring of the King of Khakis as Brady Hoke was way overmatched by Pope Urban. The GAME will be close and low scoring, but Chris Samuel and Mike Weber will continue in the Ezekiel Elliot and Carlos Hyde tradition of 3 yards and cloud of dust. Bucks roll in this one 28-10 and send Penn State to the B1G Championship and get an extra week off for the CFP.

    In small school news, it’s Round 2 of the Div. II football playoffs. Overall #1 seed, Northwest Missouri State University begins the campaign towards Children’s Mercy Park on Saturday against the Emporia State Hornets. In week 1, NW travelled to Emporia KS and stung the Hornets 44-14. However, ESU is an improving team who took care of business against U-Minnesota, Duluth last Saturday. If Northwest spanks ESU again, all of Div. II watch out, because the Bearcats will march straight into a record 6th National Championship. #WeSeeGreen

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