Swami the Magazine: It’s Go Time

Greetings and welcome to the 19th season of Swami the Magazine!! I’ll admit that in recent years the initial column has felt weird to me because the Royals have still been in the hunt for the postseason so the Swami has been a little distracted. This year is different (because the Royals have no hope) and you get a focused and excited Swami! But to be real, the opening week slate of games also makes it easy to get excited. You can say one thing for the College Football Playoff… the fact that it’s better to lose early is dishing up some really nice matchups before the NFL even starts!

Before we get deep into this here is your annual reminder of how Swami the Magazine is set up:

+ The Swami will pick college football games each week. He adds some level of commentary and/or humor to each matchup.

+ The Guru (the official Brother and Legal counsel of the Swami) will pick one game against the Swami each week.

+ James and the Swamettes (the official offspring of the Swami) pick NFL games each week once the NFL season starts.

+ And then periodically we get visits from folks like Mrs. Swami, the Homunculus of Hennepin County, and others just to keep things interesting.

A Word About This Weekend’s Sponsor

This weekend Chick-fil-a is sponsoring two of the kick-off games in Atlanta. They also had two REALLY good stories of service come out of Houston that are worthy of retelling:

Traffic was Light

Does the Boat come with Waffle Fries? 

The second story was on Good Morning America and the following was reported by ABC News: The [couple] said they were OK for the first couple of days of Hurricane Harvey, but things took a turn for the worse on Monday when their home began to fill with water.”We had to get out of there so I called Chick-fil-A” [where the couple are regulars], “now that sounds kind of funny,” J.C. Spencer said in an interview on “Good Morning America” Wednesday. “I ordered two grilled chicken burritos with extra egg and a boat. And can you believe that one of the managers of Chick-fil-A, she sent her husband to pick us up and we are so grateful.”

So as we approach Kick-off Weekend, may I suggest that you pick up some nuggets and waffle fries as you enjoy the games.

That’d Be Super

As we live in an era where Superhero Movies and shows are everywhere, this week’s theme isn’t superhero movies, but the art of superhero comics.

The Picks

Main Events

Oklahoma State vs. Tulsa – The Guru’s Juris Doctorate is from the Golden Hurricane, so you know where he’s cheering, but the Swami has to pick the boys from Stillwater. Fun facts: Did you know that Mike Gundy is still a man, but now he’s 50? Also, did you know that his haircut is inspired by none other than Captain Planet?! Cowboys 38-14

Ohio State vs. Indiana – The Hoosiers caused many teams headaches last season so opening the year with a conference foe with a penchant for upsets could be tricky for the Buckeyes, but the Swami doesn’t see them faltering. Buckeyes 42-17

Michigan vs. Florida – A truly fantastic matchup between Big X+II and SEC powers. This kind of thing should be an every year occurrence. The fighting Harbaughs will be looking to get off to a quick start and the Swami doesn’t see the Gators being able to slow them down enough to pull off the win. Wolverines 28-21

Florida State vs. Alabama – The granddaddy of the weekend. Holy cow is this a great matchup. Never before has the #1 team opened against a Top 3 foe. I expect a fantastic game in the brand new Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta and much like Bama’s last game, I see their ACC opponent coming out on top! Seminoles 38-35

BYU vs. LSU – The Tigers have been paying much closer attention to the weather in their region than many things the past couple of weeks, but the Swami doesn’t expect that to negatively influence the game. Look for the Tigers to pounce on the Cougars. LSU 30-17

West Virginia vs. Virginia Tech – This regional battle pits two quality programs against each other in a game that could be a barn-burner. The Hokies are favored in this one but the Kenny Rogers in The Swami says to graciously take the points. West Virginia +5

Georgia Tech vs. Tennessee – This game will be a very nice finish to Labor Day. The two teams are scrappy and want to prove that they belong in the top half of their respective conferences. Also, there’s always something fun in ACC vs. SEC battles. Georgia Tech has some question marks due to the dismissal of their top Running Back, but if you watch them much, you know that there’s no shortage of backs in Atlanta. The Swami sees the Alma Mater of the Swami’s Dad coming out with a victory. Yellow Jackets 28-27

The Undercards

Texas over Maryland 41-20

Nebraska over Arkansas St. 45-10

UCLA over Texas A&M 34-27

The Guru’s Take

Well, that offseason went quickly! The Guru cannot believe that it’s time to pick against the Swami again for the 82nd season in a row. It’s nice that there is a solid opening slate of games, though Florida may have to make their guys play on both sides of the ball if they suspend any more of them. It is highlighted by what is being called, conservatively, the “best opening weekend matchup ever” with FSU v. Alabama. Perhaps it should be dubbed the “Hyper Bole!” Anyway, the Guru sees a serious chance for the Seminoles to take the game, but Nick Satan Saban does not tend to lose these games. Jalen Hurts will be much more comfortable this year, and the Bama defense will give slightly more punishment than the Noles will. Tide rolls, 27-21

Random Parting Thought

As the next to last school to finally end the relationship with Russell Athletic, I am very happy that GT signed with Adidas. Frankly, I’m happy they signed with anyone else.

Until Next Time… The Swami!!


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  1. What a great opening Thursday night! Buckeye Will shall enjoy the 2 time defending Div. II champions, Northwest Missouri State Bearcats against the only MIAA who could possibly derail a 5th straight conference title, Emporia State. NW v ESU will be in my ear, while my other beloved team tOSU muted on the TV.

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