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Welcome to another edition of Swami the Magazine! Well, last week was a doozie with Oklahoma and Michigan representing the Top 10 by losing games no one expected, so you never know what awaits (other than the Friday night chaos we already know). You also don’t know what awaits when you have fun with anagrams! The staff at StM had fun in past years coming up with anagrams, so we thought it was worth doing again. So each winning school name has been taken and anagrams have been made from them (occasionally we did have to take the mascot along with the school to make it work… Auburn doesn’t get you much).

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Swami encountered large computer problems during the publishing of this (and had to redo it twice), so we’re going to be abbreviating the picks down to just the anagrams. Enjoy!

The Picks!

GT v. Miami – Egg Taco Heir – Georgia Tech 30-28 (+6.5)

Ohio State v. Nebraska – Shoot A Tie – Ohio State 38-17

TCU v. K-State – Tan Chair Exists –  TCU 42-35

Oklahoma v. Texas – Look A Ham – Oklahoma 28-24

Oklahoma State v. Baylor – Shook At Tamale – Oklahoma State 54-31

Auburn v. LSU – Turbine Sugar – Auburn 24-17

Georgia v. Mizzou – Glorious Bald Egg – Georgia 55-34

Michigan State v. Minnesota – Enigmatic Hats – Michigan State 27-20

Stanford v. Oregon – A Falcons Dart Rind – Stanford 30-27

South Carolina v. Tennessee – Haircut Saloon – South Carolina 21-17

Texas A&M v. Florida – Ax & Meats – Texas A&M 33-26

The Guru’s Take

Yes, Thursday is the Swami’s #kryptonite as proven yet again last week by NC State. For this week’s slate, though, the Guru is looking at Saturday morning in Neyland Stadium…the same way you can’t look away from a car crash, or a dumpster fire. Tennessee seems to be imploding, and that dumpster fire has made its way to Butch Davis’s seat (that’s a #hotseat reference). South Carolina is coming off a 26-point drubbing of Arkansas, and flying high. The thing is, Tennessee cannot be as bad as they looked last week, and South Carolina has also lost to Kentucky and nearly lost to Louisiana Tech. UT needs this win, and will pull out all the stops to get it at home. Look for the Vols to lean on the ground game, and play just enough defense to pull out the win on Rocky Top. Vols 30, Gamecocks 27

Until next time…and hopefully with fewer technology issues… The Swami!


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