Swami the Magazine: Halloween Helper

Greetings and welcome to another edition of Swami the Magazine! This is a busy weekend for everyone at Casa del Swami and I would imagine many of you. In an effort to help you out the StM staff decided that they would provide a service this week. With each matchup, you will get a last minute costume idea in case you need one for a Halloween, a Not-a-Halloween, or any other weekend parties or if you need an idea for the day itself. (With apologies to our favorite Scottish reader, your Martin Luther costume didn’t make the cut this time). So without further ado, let’s get to your procrastination salvation…and

The Picks!

Clemson v. Georgia Tech – Dumbledora the Explorer – The perfect way to be cool when your kids are 10 and 3. [Note: The Swami REALLY wants to be wrong about this game] Clemson 31-24

Oklahoma State v. West Virginia – Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch – Before & After costumes can definitely win you creativity points…and puns are always a winner. Oklahoma State 44-38

Penn State v. Ohio State – Assault & Battery – You know…the good kind! Penn State +6.5 [Editor’s Note: Buckeye Will does not approve this message]

Georgia v. Florida – Fantasy Football – It’s a fantasy that Florida could win this game! Also note that characters from Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter can be subbed in with this costume. Georgia 35-17

TCU v. Iowa State – Spelling Bees – For a higher class of humor. H-O-R-N-E-D-F-R-O-G-S spells winning! TCU 31-24

NC State v. Notre Dame – Serial Killer – The homophone is the best friend of the punny costume. NC State (+7.5)

Washington v. UCLA – Candy Wrapper Now, if you are named Candy there are additional versions of this where you just look like Missy Elliott or Eminem. Washington 28-24

Michigan State v. Northwestern – Plato – Smart+Childish is the Salty+Sweet combo of Halloween costumes.  Michigan State 24-17

Oklahoma v. Texas Tech – Dunkin Donuts – The best option is not pictured. It would be a Tim Duncan version of this costume #DuncanDonuts.  Oklahoma 28-14

Arizona State v. USC – Hawaiian Punch – If you do this one right, you really don’t need the beverage. Just the boxing gloves and the Hawaiian outfit. Arizona State 33-30

The Guru’s Take

One week after the Guru (correctly) picked Notre Dame to beat USC, it’s time to go back to the USC well, despite how completely inept they looked against the Irish. The Trojans and Sun Devils are trending in opposite directions, and the winner of this game controls its destiny in the Pac-12 South.  ASU’s defense has turned into a lockdown unit, and USC’s was a sieve last week. But even on the road, the Guru believes USC will be able to turn this around. Darnold and Co. will eke out a victory, and the Guru will keep rolling. Trojans 23, Sun Devils 20

James & The Swamettes

As Halloween approaches, the official offspring of the Swami decided to pick a game each where their costumes for this year fit the game.

James – Falcons at Jets – James is a ninja this year and he thinks a ninja needs to sneak in and remove the Falcons offensive coordinator to get things working better. Jets 23-21

Crown Princess Swamette – Vikings at Browns – The original Swamette is Belle (village edition) this year and like Belle, she thinks reading is a wise alternative to watching this game. Vikings 27-6

Junior Princess Swamette – Broncos at Chiefs – The youngest Swamette is Elsa this year. And she thinks the fans may accuse her of being at work with cool temperatures in store for this Monday night tilt. Chiefs 24-17

Until next time… have a Happy Halloween… Go Astros… and have a great weekend! The Swami!


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  1. As much as a tOSU homer as I am, I’m going to agree with the Swami on the FBS game of the week in C-Bus. Penn State is the only FBS team close to Alabama in talent and execution. Saquon Barkley cements his status as the leading Heisman Trophy candidate on Saturday evening.

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