Flipping the Script – Take 5

In this now-five-time annual tradition, the Guru and Swami have agreed that this week will be the week where they Flip the Script™ – the Guru will pick the games while the Swami attempts to best the Guru on one game (or more).  There is no truth to the rumor that this was being done because the Guru is currently 7-1 this year and the Swami wants him to taste a few losses all at once. Really. This week has a bevy of good games, though, so the Guru is sure to miss a few.

Have there been a lot of superhero movies in the past few years? Yes. Has the MCU continued to have the upper hand as the DCEU tries to play catch-up? Yup. Is there an inordinate amount of pressure on Justice League when it comes out next week to try to bridge that gap? You betcha. Sounds like a column setup! But since there are only six League members in the movie (yeah, like Supes isn’t making a triumphant return in the third act in a different iconic suit), we’ll expand into the comics to take care of the picks. One League member per game, hopefully with a semi-coherent reason…on to the picks!

The Guru’s Picks

Washington at Stanford: Flash – These two offenses tend to have some really fast guys. Bryce Love has carried Stanford so far, while looking like lightning in a bottle. But Washington looks like it is ready to run circles around the Cardinal defense. Washington 30, Stanford 23

Michigan State at Ohio State: Cyborg – The Buckeyes lost a bunch of limbs last week (metaphorically, of course) in the bludgeoning at Iowa. But Urban Meyer is pretty good at recreating the overall body of his team full of teen titans (see what I did there?). The Buckeyes will win at home, but whomever set this line was doing some day drinking. Michigan State, fresh off the upset of Penn State, will keep this one pretty close. Michigan State (+15.5) – Ohio State 28, Michigan State 20

Oklahoma State at Iowa State: Wonder Woman – There’s a lasso involved. And Cowboys. Sometimes these things are just obvious. There’s also a mullet, but that is neither here nor there. Iowa State is always tough at home, but expect Okie State to do everything they can to get a Bedlam rematch in the Big 12 championship. OSU survives this week. Cowboys 34, Cyclones 27

Alabama at Mississippi State: Batman – Do I enjoy assigning the coolest member of the league (well, when he’s not the Batfleck) to a team I do not like? No. Has Alabama earned the designation through recent years? Sure. Do they get to be Lego Batman, though? NO. THEY. DO. NOT. Alabama 41, Mississippi State 24

TCU at Oklahoma: Superman – There is no player in college football who has shown more superpowers this year than Baker Mayfield. Of course, with OU’s secondary, it’s been a requirement. This will be another test, but Gary Patterson is no Lex Luthor (though in the case of Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal, that’s a compliment). OU wins another shootout. Sooners 40, Horned Frogs 31

Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech: Martian Manhunter – Just like MM, Paul Johnson is the last of his kind. It remains to be seen whether Josh Jackson or Taquon Marshall has the speed and power of the Manhunter, but hopefully neither has an extreme weakness to fire. Either way, Hokies take this on the road. Va Tech 20, Ga Tech 17

Georgia at Auburn: Shazam! Wisdom of Solomon, strength of Hercules, stamina of Atlas, power of Zeus, courage of Achilles, and speed of Mercury (yes, that’s what the name stands for)…oh, and apparently face of Zach Levi as well. Extremely powerful, kind of like Georgia has been (unfortunately) so far. This is a trap game, but Auburn is no Black Adam. Is this a reverse jinx attempt? You tell me. Georgia 34, Auburn 24

Nebraska at Minnesota: Hawkman – Multiple confusing backstories? Archaic weaponry? Can’t fly without artificial wings? Most boring of the heroes listed here? Okay, that does sum up this game pretty well. Minnesota wins. Minnesota 20, Nebraska 17

Notre Dame at Miami: Green LanternIn brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight! Let those who worship evil’s might, beware my power, Green Lantern’s light! “Wait, what is my weakness again?” “The color yellow. And Sony Pictures CGI.” “So…does gold count?” “Yeah, it’s in the yellow family.” “Crap.” Notre Dame 31, Miami 26

Arizona State at UCLA: Aquaman – Sun Devil and Aquatic dweller are not exactly in lockstep. But both have tridents! And in one of the Justice League previews, Cyborg carries Aquaman while flying and the background is really red! See, these are extremely accurate comparisons. ASU wins on the road as UCLA falls further from bowl contention. ASU 33, UCLA 24

The Swami’s Take

With a tip of the cap the legend, Ernie Banks, Let’s Play Two!

Sure the Yellow Jackets came up short against Virginia and can’t be feeling great about it, but the good news is that now they are desperate! With bowl eligibility a lot harder this year, due to both strength of schedule and the cancellation of one game due to a hurricane, this has turned into a must-win for the boys from ATL. That and home field will provide them what they need to get the job done in this upset. Georgia Tech 23-21

It seems clear that Oklahoma had something else on their side last week to win Bedlam. Was it superpowers? I don’t think so. I think it was more like a ring of power. You know, the one to rule them all. How do I know? Because their defense kept disappearing! And that seems like it will be a bigger problem for them this week as they face off with the spikey ribbits. It should be another excellent game, but the Swami sees this one going the way of the Lone Star frogs. TCU 38-35

James & the Swamettes

With the Chiefs off this week, the Swamettes decided to collaborate on one pick instead of picking two games. And the kids decided to pick songs from a recent concert they attended to help make their predictions:

Cowboys v. Falcons – Ezekiel Elliott is finally facing the suspension that is long overdue and the Swamettes are hoping it will Be The Change that is needed to get the Falcons a victory. Sadly, however, they don’t think so. The improving Cowboys defense will be worth more than Gold. Cowboys 24-17

Patriots v. Broncos – The Broncos hope to prove to their fans that they are Awake and Alive, however when they meet the Resistance of the Patriots defense, it’s more likely that the boys from Denver will look Comatose yet again. Patriots 38-10


Until next time…. The Sw..Gu… Editor! 


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