Swami the Magazine: Once, Twice, Three Times a Winner

Greetings and welcome to another edition of Swami the Magazine! It is championship week in Lincoln, Nebraska. Well, it’s championship week everywhere, and certainly, no team from Lincoln is in a championship game if that’s what you thought I was saying! As we approach this weekend, the staff at StM was trying to choose a theme. Christmas songs were thrown around. As were Star Wars characters, with the Last Jedi fast approaching. In the end, the staff decided that greatness is rarely achieved by succeeding once. It’s in replicating greatness that legacies are built, so this week you’ll get one of the great trilogies of our time with each championship week pick!

Now, for a quick aside, dear folks in Tennessee… you’ve lost control. Pull yourselves together and stop letting the fanbase dictate everything. If you don’t, then as punishment the NCAA will send Lane Kiffin back to you. Dear folks in Lincoln, well, this time you should listen to the fans and get Frosty back home. Dear folks in Arkansas… you really should bring Gus in. Dear folks in Atlanta…well, we can’t see anything going on there because there’s a Marta bus in the way!

With all that said, it’s time for…

The Picks!

Stanford v. USC – The Godfather – If the winner is headed to the “Granddaddy of them All” (the Rose Bowl) then it’s fitting to give this game the original epic trilogy. If you can win an academy award with a sequel, you have done something. Now can Stanford do something and beat down USC? The Swami is looking at which team has been getting better as the season has progressed and he’s seeing the Tree rising above all others. Stanford 35-34
UCF v. Memphis – Toy Story – Arguably the strongest 3rd film in a trilogy belongs to the toys from Andy’s room. The strongest performance to come out of nowhere this season has been Central Florida. Will it be a (Toy) Storybook ending to the regular season? The Swami thinks so after last week’s amazing finish against South Florida. Scott Frost University 42-35

Oklahoma v. TCU – The Dark Knight – The standard against which nearly all DC Comics films are measured…and found woefully inadequate, the Dark Knight trilogy is a masterpiece of heroes and villains. Oklahoma and TCU have an equal number of heroes and villains (hint: Baker Mayfield is a villain). The important thing for OU is that the Dark Knight was carried on the strength of their villains. Oklahoma 33-30
Auburn v. Georgia – Star Wars – The last national title for Georgia was in the middle of the release of the original Star Wars Trilogy. And let me tell you, I would rather watch the prequel trilogy than see another one. The good news is that Auburn is fully on board with keeping that from happening! War Eagle! Auburn 27-24
Boise v. Fresno – Indiana Jones – The 4th Indiana Jones movie had made the Swami forget about how good the first 3 were. Thankfully the Intern mentioned this and it made the cut. I won’t say it’s as great as some of the other ones, but it’s a very entertaining trilogy. This game will also be entertaining, even though it’s a rematch of last week’s game. This time Boise is at home and will be primed for revenge. Boise State 30-24
Miami v. Clemson – Captain America – In a world where every superhero is getting a trilogy, there is one that stands out above the rest. Oh, Captain, my Captain! This game should deliver a similar level of performance. Clemson is running strong while Miami tripped up the last time out, but that means Miami should be laser focused on the task at hand. The Swami doesn’t know the actual outcome, but he knows it’ll be closer than 9 1/2! Miami +9.5
Wisconsin v. Ohio State – Lord of the Rings – The one Trilogy to Rule Them All! Truly the greatest example of a singular story in three parts, this epic saga rules the day. This battle of the B1G should also rule the day. But in this case, the Buckeyes are the minions of Mordor and the Badgers are from Hobbiton.  Wisconsin +6.5

The Guru’s Take

Championship Week! The Guru is a little bit excited, especially since Oklahoma is a rematch victory over TCU away from the CFP. Speaking of rematches, there are rematches in the Big XII, SEC, Mountain West, Pac 12, and AAC championship games. In the first meetings, only the AAC was closer than 18 points, and that game happened last week. However, in most (if not all) of the leagues, the rematches should be much, much closer. Out west, Stanford is a different team than when USC triumphed in Week 2. Bryce Love has punched a ticket to the Heisman ceremony, and the defense is stout. Despite some stumbles, though, USC is still a very good team. Notwithstanding the Swami’s belief in the Tree, it will be the Trojans still standing at the end with the Pac 12 title. It will be the highlight of Sam Darnold’s football career, particularly if he gets drafted by the Browns. Enjoy it now, Sam! Trojans 30, Cardinal 24

James & the Swamettes

The official offspring of the Swami decided to take more of a Christmas theme to their picks. So for each game they will tell you what one team wants from Santa.

Vikings v. Falcons – The Firecracker Swamette believes that the Falcons want just one thing for Christmas…a repeat performance of last week from Julio Jones! Falcons 26-24

Chiefs v. Jets – James knows that Kansas City is begging Santa for one thing. Their offense from the Patriots game! Sadly, Santa doesn’t come until Christmas, so… Jets 14-10

Browns v. Chargers – Swamette the Elder took a peek at Cleveland’s Christmas list and in bold print it said that they want a single win! Alas, maybe another week. Chargers 33-21

Until next time…wishing you Season’s Greetings, Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas from the Swami’s Worldwide Headquarters!


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