Swami the Magazine: Bowl Preview Edition – Episode XIX

Greetings and welcome to another edition of the Swami the Magazine Bowl Preview! This year there are a ridiculous 41 bowl games and the Swami can’t even use Baskin Robbins flavors as a theme, so he and the Guru have opted for something different. Here you will get the New Year’s Six predictions and analysis and then you can see the rest when you go and make your picks here against both the Swami and Guru and prove that you are better than them both! (Or not)

Now, the Swami can’t let a new Star Wars movie go without some tie-in, so for the games the Swami & Guru pick here, the Swami has attached a Star Wars film or group of films to each pick that should give you an indication of how much you want to watch that game.

As this column wraps up it signals the end of the 19th season of Swami the Magazine, and the StM staff just want to thank all of the readers for the feedback and comments through the years. You are appreciated, and the StM staff wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

The Picks!

The Orange Bowl – Wisconsin vs. Miami – Return of the Jedi (VI) – For Miami, this season has truly been a return to national prominence. For Wisconsin, they are still working on climbing out of the shadow of Ohio State & Penn State in recent years. This will provide a good opportunity for them. Apparently the Swami & Guru think that the Badgers will keep the turnover chain sightings to a minimum.
Swami: Wisconsin 
Guru: Wisconsin

The Fiesta Bowl – Washington vs. Penn State – Rogue One – This game doesn’t have any bearing on anything other games, but it should be entertaining. (Editor’s Note: The Swami put in jokes about being one with the Force and the Force being with him as well as one about being a rebel so he rebels, but those have been cut for your own sanity.)
Swami: Penn State
Guru: Washington

The Cotton Bowl – USC vs. Ohio State – The Force Awakens (VII) – The Force Awakens had many thematic similarities to A New Hope and this game has MANY similarities to The Rose Bowl that we all grew up with. But it’s the Cotton Bowl. And Darth Vader has been replaced by Kylo Ren.
Swami: Ohio State 
Guru: Ohio State

The Peach Bowl – Auburn vs. Central Florida – The Prequels – This has been a great year for Central Florida, but based on the defense I saw against Memphis and South Florida, Auburn is going to find as many holes in the defense as there were plot holes in the Prequels. It’s possible that UCF will have flashes of brilliance (i.e. Darth Maul), but the outcome will be as disappointing for them as the first three episodes.
Swami: Auburn
Guru: Auburn

The Rose Bowl – Oklahoma vs. Georgia – A New Hope (IV) – Both of these schools, who sport first or second year head coaches, view this as the start of potentially multiple visits to the College Football Playoffs and a victory will give their respective fan bases hope for a title sooner than expected.
Swami: Georgia 
Guru: Oklahoma

The Sugar Bowl – Clemson vs. Alabama – Empire Strikes Back (V) – This is a sequel to last year’s title game and it should deliver. Will the good guys (Clemson) pull it out without losing a hand or will the dark side (Alabama) prevail? Only time will tell. I doubt Nick Saban will reveal to Dabo Swinney that he’s his father, but it’s possible he does say “Who’s Your Daddy”.
Swami: Alabama 
Guru: Clemson

The College Football ChampionshipThe Last Jedi (VIII) – The matchup (and even the teams that will be there) are an unknown quantity, much like the Last Jedi. But based on all of the signs, I expect both will be very entertaining. It appears that the Guru & the Swami are favoring the Sugar Bowl champion over the Rose Bowl champion for the title, so clearly you all should pick the Rose Bowl champion. And you should probably go see The Last Jedi.
Swami: Alabama
Guru: Clemson

Until next season…The Swami!!


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  1. If Coach Frost had stayed at UCF (and this is not a diatribe about how he should stay at UCF. He should definitely be the coach of the pink shirts, and get that defense to magenta), then UCF better be in Alabama’s spot as #4 in the playoffs. Regardless of who played who, a ZERO in the loss column must be worth more than an SEC patch on a uniform.

    And no, BuckeyeWill does not believe a 2 loss tOSU should be ahead of 1 loss Alabama (side bar: Coach Khaki Pants better beat Ohio sometime soon. Losing to your arch rival year after year is bad for your long term employment. Ask John Cooper.).

    Here’s to the Northwest Missouri State Men’s basketball team continuing to steam roll opponents to another National Championship. The MIAA and KC Sports Authority need to bid on the Div II men’s basketball championship and hold the event at the Independence Event Center (aka Silverstein Eye Arena).

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